Rev your world!

Rev Eye connects you to relevant digital media by augmenting them in your environment.

Rev Eye is naturally connected to the environment around – it augments relevant information on it. It does not take away from experiencing the real world, on the contrary, it encourages you to look around and notice, and, once you have, Rev Eye enhances the real life experience with delightful stuff.

Interactive media on print.

Motion Prints are prints published with Rev Eye that carry and extra digital layer to make your reading experience interactive.

Open Rev Eye app on your smartphone or tablet, scan any print with a Motion Print stamp and enjoy cool animations, videos, galleries, useful links and shortcuts to accessing promotions. Then share your favorite things on social media. You can check our Near By feature to find Motion Prints around you.

Take fun Augmented Reality pictures!

Snappables are objects that you can load onto the camera and overlay on the real world. Browse through our list on Explore section of the app to see our growing catalogue of Snappables.

With Rev Eye, create crazy Augmented Reality enhanced pics. Become Batman, get a hot girlfriend, prove you have a fighter plane and you are not afraid to use it if King Kong decides to climb the Empire State building ever again. If you have an idea for a cool Snappable, holler at using the subject line “New Snappable Idea”!

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